Monday, September 8, 2008

wrong move.

It seems like Nike is fighting back against Adidas in the UAAP wars.

Since Adidas had a lot to offer in showing the UAAP department, Showing with merchandise, game jackets, track jackets and jerseys to offer to the fans of ADMU and DLSU. From billboards to print ads to Gilbert Arenas showing up with this two teams. With all the support and hype surrounding the Three striped brand nowadays, it was then time for the swoosh to fight back. Then they did, with displays of jerseys of their sponsored collegiate teams, UE and FEU complete with custom made hyperdunks. Pretty impressive stuff that are not for sale.

However, as with Nike Phil's Marketing flaw, they show a lot of high demand stuff, and never sell it. In fairness, they did sell very limited Team Pilipinas gears last fiba asia 2007 and Team USA gears last olympic games. And yes, that air force 1 RP edition wasn't seen anywhere on their stores. Selling limited edition stuff makes collectors happy and the general public crying and bugging those who have acquired the same items.

When will nike phils. learn?

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