Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Xmas 08 material wishlist

Konti lang ang hihingin kong materyal na bagay this Xmas. This time around, non material things are more important.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Adidas Originals Boston Celtics Hardwood Classics Banner Warmup Jacket.

Acquiring that rare Philippines jacket heightened my taste buds to the (Adidas originals line, particularly the jackets) Since I cant afford one back in college. And once I saw this in's store, I want this one as well. Still thinking though which would I order online, its a toss up between kg's swingman alternate jersey or this. But the jersey is currently not available at the online store, and because its Swingman,its partially screen printed. and being screen printed "Kumukupas sya through time pag nilabhan". While on the other hand this one reeks old school.

One thing though, This jacket will get outdated by the time june comes, as there will be 17 banners hanging at the td banknorth garden.

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Hydroxycut Hardcore

Getting down from 240 to 180 lbs required a lot of effort, but I got it done anyway. For some reason, It has been hard to get a normal BMI and trim it down to 160-ish. Normal fat burners given my routine and diet helped me trim down around 14-17 lbs a month so Maybe this one could do a little more.

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Adidas TS Lightswitch KG Version

I admit, I'm slowly starting to switch sides from the swoosh to the three stripes, particularly , its trefoil variant. Finally after long years of wait, a black-green variant! this is the first time in a long while that this color scheme has been used in a major line unless you count the player exclusives, the custom IDs and those "greenhills tiangge exclusives" (buti pa mga japeks sa greenhills may black/green colorway). Even KG's Lightspeed came in a very bland black and white scheme. I just hope this gets released locally though since all I've seen so far are the lightspeeds.

A very short wishlist as you can see, no gadgets, auto parts and surprisingly, no toys (o sige na nga "Model Kits" kuno). How times have changed. Priorities and Tastes have changed as well.

Hoping for a hotter Xmas this time around.

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