Sunday, May 13, 2012

Intergity: the second time around


The race started a bit earlier than last year, without all the cheer leading and exaggerated warm ups that delayed last year's race. The route was altered slightly so that unlike last year,It was still the same take the flyover and run through buendia and back to BGC route but now we wouldn't need to pass the finish line and still make a turn.  

The post race support felt lacking though but that wasn't of importance than the actual race.

In the end, it was a great run. I wan't able to establish a PR, but still able to break my time from last year's edition. The only gripe I had is that the medal was quite the same as last year. Sure, it was one of the best medal designs I have seen but they could've changed the design a little bit to give it some sort of distinction from the previous one.

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