Saturday, May 5, 2012

Choose your Color: Hyundai Run for a Cause

Pre Race

As expected by for a free fun run, Slots were taken out quite fast. Claiming of the kits on the other hand were of a big hassle. I do agree that for a free race, the public should be able to adhere in this, but loyal Hyundai customers/ car owners were made to wait in pretty dire circumstances. Sadly, some of us hyundai customers were treated rudely by personnel and parking was horrible. (Main reason why I shifted the maintenance from QAve to the more customer friendly North Edsa branch. So after taking a smaller sized singlet & the race kit, I actually wanted to forget about the race until race day.


Race day

I came in late since the event area was quite nearer than it was at BGC. I was at wave F and by that time wave c was yet to start. The stage area was devoted to interviews of several beneficiary groups and their causes. There weren't really that much booth wise either but a stroll over a very long wait seemed the right idea at the time.


Took pictures here and there of the crowd.


The sea of multicolored singlets was certainly amusing, for a while, it actually felt something like this:

During the run, my performance was just as usual. Could've done a 30 or even a sub 30 but there were just too many walkers. I settled for 32 mins. Hydration was great and the support was not as bad for a free race. My only gripe here is that people could've taken the run a bit more seriously. and be mindful of other runners instead of walking at the middle of the road.

More Pics


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