Thursday, May 31, 2012

a scholarly run

I had a bit of apprehension on which run to choose on the final sunday of may. There are 2 runs that I wanted to join, it's either the C5 run or the Amcham run for a scholar. Price and deadline concerns finally made me consider the latter, and by the testimonies of my friends who joined the other race, it was a good decision, save for that big sun flag.


The run started out really late. The sun was already rising and the races haven't even started. Good thing though that the event area is already active particularly with the photo booth.

After a while of racing long distances, I figured a shorter distance would be a good change of scenery. So I joined the 3k category. Top 100 finishers would be given medals. Before the start, the emcee said everyone should target 20 mins for the whole run, a large portion of the crowd whined. After then, gunstart.


The route was definitely new from the usual BGC route. this time, we had to go up to the international school area usually just used in 5k and longer routes, make a u turn and head back to high street. 18 minutes later, I was crossing the finish line.


An interactive event area followed the finishers now totting a filled loot bag.

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