Sunday, October 30, 2011

Running after Dark

Last night, I was treated to my very first night race. The Adobo Run After Dark. I really don't know how to prepare for a night run, since morning runs have you a bit groggy and sleepy before the race starts, while night runs have you tired and exhausted before the race starts.

So yeah, there I was, after MBA Classes and  basically lifting my trusty Celtics backpack with 30 pounds worth of stuff through various trips at the LRT and MOA. Also, the driver forgot to bring my gym bag containing important stuff like the Hydration belt, Petroleum jelly and Bodivance. At the venue, they gave us Iced coffee before the race. I was a bit weary  because I just drank Sting Lime  a few minutes ago. When the event finally started, there was a festive carnival-like entrance to greet the runners, I was surprised that the 3k had already started. We then lined up for the 5k run, had a few speeches from the beneficiaries and ran. The fatigue from the day's work clocked in a bit and there was a little bit of cramping and stomach cramps. After a while, the pain disappeared and I was able to catch up towards the last 2 kms.

In the end, I clocked in at 29:35. a bit far from my PR last April but still good to finally break the sub 30 for 5k . I still don't know my rank but it was enough for the top 500 finisher's medals.

As a bonus, before coming to the race, I was able to cop some good reads from the Sale at NBS and Fully Booked MOA branches.


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