Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review: Sakuragi Hanamichi Figure (TK Holdings)

sakuragi hanamichi Shohoku#10

It's been nearly 2 decades since Takehiko Inoue's Masterpiece graced the Manga and our television screens. While there were tons of merchandise back then, Cards, Shirts and even Stationeries. The series is lacking in the figures department. With few articulated figs by Bandai and a lot of bootleg super deformed figures over the past 18 years.

Fast forward to 2010, A new Sakuragi figure finally debuted in the market. The Figure is made by a relatively new company known as TK Holdings. How does this bode out? Let's See:

Rebounding Madman

The box is simple with a small blister window on front, nothing special. What's good is that the size is not that big, a far cry from the recent PVC Anime Figures with those giant space consuming boxes on average figures.



Detail wise the figure is great, folds and muscle tone all around, this just adds to the badass image of sakuragi. What I don't like is the hand pose, it looks like the palm is not big enough to hold the ball.


As for the paintjob, Muscle tones are painted well and the Jersey is made of decals. There are 2 negative things things stood up. First is the hair paintjob, It shows a lot of gray streaks,like the primer is showing up. It looks like someone sanded the head of the figure. I initially thought this was a rare case, but upon seeing pics from other collectors, this was a case of bad execution.

Another one is the shoes. Through the course of the Manga, Sakuragi Used the air Jordan 1 twice. 3 times if you add the filler episodes of the anime series. However, the shoe looks so much beat down, also the color placements of the OG Air Jordan 1 are wrong. As well as the swoosh mark is missing. This might be because TK Holdings does not want to pay royalties to Nike ( who knows how much money Mc farlane and Upper Deck are paying the sneaker companies) But at the very least try to make it as close to the real thing as possible.


What disappoints me is the size. Yes it looks good big and all but it would be much better if it stuck into the 8 inch scale, since all the props (Mcfarlane NBA Backboard/ Figures) Could be made compatible by then. Upper deck did it with their Jordan figs.

Master of the boards

Another thing that is disappointing is the pose. He's just standing there and doing nothing. It would've been a lot better had he got his signature rebounding pose. Or even Dunk. Heck, if Mcfarlane can do it, surely a Japanese toy company can do it as well.

The base is what appears to be a chunk of broken hardwood. Might be better if they just made a whole hardwood panel.

Overall, it is a solid detailed figure but could've been so much better is only they paid attention to the details and a better pose.


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