Monday, April 26, 2010

Poser Artists

To be humble in victory, to be gallant in defeat. But what about cancellation?

Once upon a time, there was a competition, which was targeted to run for a month. The competition was a Shirt design contest with the winning entry being an official shirt design for a group. The contest ran for nearly a month. A week before the final judging, previews were shown basically consisting of two submissions which were submitted early in the timeframe... and with still ample time left before the deadline, the designs were attacked thoroughly. The reactions were so unethical and unprofessional that the organizers were forced to pull the plug and have another person do it.

The worst part, having wannabee critics making suggestions and bitching around that "It would be better like this, With this and that". With suggestions like that majorly coming from "inactive members" of the said group implying that they want their so called revisions and suggestions be applied but it was provided that there is nearly a month's leeway to make an entry themselves. One has to ask, Since they are so almighty and all knowing, Why didn't they create an entry themselves? FYI, the contestants who joined sacrificed time and effort to do their entries despite their busy schedules and responsibilities.

I was not a part of the contestants but as a part of the selection committee and an artist myself, I am terribly disgusted with this. It is disrespectful for those who placed time and effort to create an entry for their works to just be nullified like that because of mumbling whiners excessively complaining. It is much better to lose than to have it canceled. In losing, at least you learn something. In cancellation you get nil, nada, zero... In this situation, they're implying that the winners be the ones who are stubborn, the ones who are lazy, the ones who think in their tiny fantasy worlds that they are worthy of being critique royalty and the ones who think respect is earned by acting like a bitch on the web.

Such a cowardly aim should prevent people for even considering themselves as artists.

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