Thursday, June 26, 2008

Will Nike Finally Release Pierce's Shoes?

Lets face it, Paul Anthony Pierce is a great player but back then, he was still far from being included in the NBA's upper echeleon. He stuck around with his team for around 10 long years, The victim of bad management of the 90's and coaching disasters of ML Carr and Rick Pitino. Year by year the superstar continues to be underrated

But After nearly a decade, luck has finally returned to the Irish, with 2 NBA All Star reinforcements, The truth has finally climbed and suceeded to the top. On the way he has shown that he could tangle with the NBA's top caliber guns, From Joe Johnson, to Tayshaun Prince and probably the 2 best players on Earth right now, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. He has not just done a good job in defending those guys, he has also gone head to head with them. Dropping 41 on King James and 39 on the Black Mamba. And to top it all off an NBA Finals MVP enroute to a Championship ring.

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Through the years, nike has given the truth his own signature shoe. They even sent him to the Philippines twice to promote the company. However, there is a problem, It seems that nike only releases his shoes to the kid's department and does not produce them in adult sizes. They can be seen on local and online shops being sold, but still no adult sizes. This has been an occurence for years, there has been a small, yet solid demand on these shoes. But still, Nike hasnt answered back on them. Maybe he lacks cred or respect from the fans due to his standing of a good star on a bad team back then.

Since 2003, all finals MVPs had their own signature shoes except for parker which instead has Player Exclusives. Although not having signatures (huarache), Parker still has his shoes being sold in the market at adult sizes. Will Pierce Finally have his shoes released next season? will nike now consider him as a bigger time endorser for the sneaker market?

Lets see and find out.

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