Friday, June 13, 2008

The Real Underdogs.... The Greatest Comeback in Finals History.


May 2002, Fleet Center Boston Massachusets. The Boston Celtics were down By 21 points against the New Jersey Nets in game 3 of the eastern conference finals. Everyone thought that the game is all wrapped up and it is over. A then young captain Antoine Walker urged his team, including Pierce to go on and fight. The results were miraculous. The Truth scored 25 points in the fourth to knot possibly the greatest fourth quarter comeback in NBA playoffs history. That Sparkling moment, whas thought by many to be the only spark of the lost celtic pride that had in this generation, as they lost that series in which could've given them the right to face the once mighty Lakers.

Fast forward Six years later, The C's having made the greatest turnaround in History finally has the chance to get its 17th title after 21 long years of frustration and tragedy. However due to their struggles in the first 2 series where they had to face the young and athletic Hawks and the then Eastern Conference Champs Cavaliers where they had to struggle for 2 game 7 series to squeeze for the conference finals. They finally got their groove back on Motown. But by then, the majority had now believed they would be beaten in the finals with almost everyone jumping in the Kobe bandwagon.

And so the C's Climbed back to answer to the challenge. From a dramatic first game comeback to stopping a comeback in the second game. However, the wind blew the other way around as the Hollywood boys climbed back in the 3rd game and won a close game while limiting pierce and garnett below their averages. Back then, the band was expecting for The black mamba and his gang of soft european boys with the 3 game homestrech.

So there it is, June 12, 2007, With game 4 at Southern California, The Lakers wanted to cash in to the momentum that they had in game 3, They played a huge first half, even leading as far as 24 points in one point of the second quarter. When the C's started to get some mini runs to get it back to 12, the Lakers turn it back up to 20. Even midway in the 3rd quarter the Lakers still lead by 20 points. And that was the last time LA smiled as the C's Countered with a big run that placed them within 2 at the end of the 3rd. While the momentum was there, the Lakers were still hanging and leading by 2 or 4 after the C's tie the score. Finally, late in the fourth quarter, the Celtics Climbed to the lead with help from James Posey and Eddie House. House and Posey, along with the big 3 held on to the lead up to the closing seconds of the game. That game is now billed to be the gratest comeback in finals history and challenges the then greatest playoff comeback in history also done by the  C's.

So The C's are 3-1 and one win away from its 17th championship banner. No one in the finals has ever come back from a 1-3 deficit. And the Team Green, who just did their comeback knows about this and will try to prevent it on sunday.


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