Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Ugly Side of Geekdom in the Philippines

The world of anime/comics/ video games/ toy collectors/ card gaming etc. counterculture has been around in the country for more than a decade now. During the days it was very much held underground, with a super conservative country and the like, geeks or as the politically correct term, enthusiasts are often held with very small peer groups, usually sharing the information resources and materials. But as time passes by, and through the constant exposure in various media as well as that thing called the internet, it has now changed from an underground society to a mainstream fad in the late 90's and now a well established subculture.

But along with its evolution came a more ecstatic change. What was born in humble underground beginnings has now morphed in to an upstaging medium where refuge and social acceptance are replaced by the quest for superiority and elitism.

Attention Whores

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What used to be an accepting and comforting shelter form the societies' norms has now evolved in a plethora of upstaging mediums. Enthusiasts or Otakus in the old days usually shelter themselves into small and underground gatherings that shield them from the public's ultra narrow minded view back then. It was a time where enthusiasts were just glad that they can meet with people that has the same passion and interests as them. It was a time where they could share information and resources that were then considered to be so scarce. It was a time to just BE YOURSELF.

But now this does not seem what it used to be. People aren't here for the fun and fulfillment any longer rather quite a number seems to be in it for the attention, money and fame. While there is nothing wrong in running a livelihood or getting a recognition for whatever artistic or creative field that you won, because you have earned all right to do so. But other than that, a lot of people are now trying to be a part of the socialite elite of the subculture. The question is though, for what cause? isn't this a subculture built to have the fans enjoy what they want without them having to worry about the annals of society? So that they could be themselves and be free against being intimidated by all the "Sirs" and "Mams" of what is supposed to be the same level of people that they are.

If you don't like it, don't watch it.

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I myself had never been interested in medieval themed. series/ movies/ games or books. Thats why I never bothered to waste my time watching those things, Much less waste time bashing it.

Remakes, sequels Side stories, spin offs and even knock offs, Everything like that will happen. Everything is all about business. Markets will need to be tapped. Sellers would make their product more sellable to the general public be it Shows, Sequels, remakes, movie adaptations or whatever. Money would need to be made because the entertainment industry is an INDUSTRY, it needs to feed on the general interest of the public to gain money. No producer would be entitled to please a niche much less an individual unless that niche has a big purchasing power.

Why squabble that you hate a show, movie, franchise etc. and whine like a kid over it over and over again like a retarded 10 year old kid when you knew it was gonna suck in the first place. How about ranting when a show gets a tagalog dub when they know its targeted for the general public. To satisfy their purist ass? To have some sense of remorse or attention since what they saw wasn't suited for their tastes. Some of my friends have a term for this, "Milo" not to be confused with the beverage drink, these are People who would go far annoying normal fans in constant senseless battle for information and perfection from the series that they're watching rather than doing something decent with their lives. Maybe they're that delusional, since they are living in their "perfect" make believe world. Where everything has to be suited to their tastes. But then, Living in that pretend world has its price. Instead of doing something productive on your life, you just tend to waste your time, drowning yourselves in information that nobody even cares about.

As Wilt Chamberlain said, Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. There's nothing wrong in saying a piece of your mind. But to senselessly and repeatedly whine like a kid over a franchise while not recognizing that there is such a thing as a "power button"on a television set is absurd. A bigger comfort would be available for movie and literature enthusiasts since all they need to do is leave the movie house or close the book.

But then I already saw my share of 35 year old, 300 pound virgin bums. Yes they do exist. Be Afraid.

Senseless Squabble over material things.

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I just never get some collectors. Especially of the elitist kind. Sure, collecting is not bad, its a hobby. A good stress relief and expression of one's personality. Sure it breaks the norm a bit, but there are a ton of collectors nowadays for the hobby to even be considered "deviant" TV shows are constantly featuring them and the public drools upon seeing them. They're not as in demand in events as lets say, cosplayers. But they still hold up on their own with their displays.

But Throw, Fist Fights, Backstabbing, hoarding and death threats into the mix and what do you get? a totally fucked up subculture. I'd probably get it if all the fuzz is about business deals, politics, money, religion and the like. But toys? and for the end result of envying others and taking pleasure of something others do not have? Man these so called elitists need to seriously grow up.

But then again, I'd like to see those fist fights for marvel toys that occasionally happens in front of toy stores. It would be cool to tape it and upload it in youtube.


Cyberpunk said...

hahaha geeks vs geeks...

but i think the problem is not just here in the philippines, but in other countries as well...and with other should see the metalheads bashing and hating each other ;)

lateralus said...

Yes, I will never mess with a comic/memorabilia geek. They give me the creeps. hehe