Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Slam Dunk: 10 Days After

Takehiko Inoue's Slam Dunk was not only one of the best manga and anime series ever created, it is also one of the most inspirational underdog stories around. However, The story went short as the 101 episode anime series only covered up to the regional finals and the 32 volume manga only made it at the End of the season. Sadly Dr. T never did any sequel or continuation for it. The only known scene after the season was the Shisheido commercial where scenes of rukawa, miyagi and sakuragi playing together where shown. Miyagi wears the jersey no. 4 to indicate that he is the new captain.

Last 2004, at the 10th yr aniversary of slam dunk, Takehiko Inoue made a mini comic sequel of slam dunk named slam dunk 10 days after. The event took place 10 days after the ending of the manga. he wrote the manga on a school and each page was on a classroom's blackboard.


The manga was about the everyone preparing for the next season. Akagi can't study well in college because he can't play basketball. Rukawa Studying english, Kogure visiting the team, mitsui making up for lost time and wants to impress college scouts. the freshmen training hard to compete for the vacant starting five slot. Miyagi is seen skipping class and studying leadership books as the next captain.

The other teams prepared as well. Shoyo was very superstitious with hanagata changing his glasses, hasegawa cutting his hair and fujima slimming up. Ryonan on the other hand had uozumi teaching the team members, scolding sendoh for fishing at practice time. The captain became Koshino instead of sendoh. Kainan was investigated by yayoi aida on their secrets since they got 2nd place iin the inter high.They saw maki Surfing, kiyota racing with his dog and jin jogging.

Coach taoka and kainan's coach takato are discussing a combined kanagawa selection for the winter tournament (shoyo ryonan, shohoku and kainan). But cant decide who between them will be the coach.

Anzai was told by doctors to jog for his health. Ayako sees him and chats for a while.

The sannoh players were reflecting on their loss to shohoku. Masashi and his younger brother Mikko was training harder when the Masashi told his younger sibling that he'll train him since he and sawakita will leave the team. Sawakita is seen on a plane going to the US.

Finally, the scene shifts to sakuragi, still on the rehab center. His trainer was telling him that he saw sakuragi's inter high games and was impressed by it. She asks sakuragi if he can be the first japanese nba player, sakuragi says he will go to the US and be it because he is a tensai.

Funny though a few months after this, Yuta tabuse was signed by the phoenix suns and became the first japanese player in the nba. He was released 10 days after when the Suns merchandise in japan got sold out

Here is the Scanlation translated in carabao english


Cyberpunk said...

i'm not into basketball so i never really enjoyed slam dunk...

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wow good for you :D

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hahah wow amazing! :)
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