Thursday, May 21, 2009

Philippine Inspired Jackets Part 2

After a year and a half, Here is part 2 of the RP inspired jackets.

Part 1 is here

Accel 2008 Beijing Olympics Philippine Team Jacket

Accel Beijing Olympics Jacket

So the sad tale of the 2008 beijing olypics team revives within this jacket. Achieving 0 golds, 0 silvers and 0 bronzes for the third straight time, but having a consolation prize in Willy Wang's Gold medal in the demonstration sport of wushu. Accel, usually on the receiveing end when having their designs compared with sporting giant brands nike and adidas, has done a semi decent job with their recent national team jacket. A unique combination of microfiber and air cool cloth. Accel's design is still on the gaudy side, but it is a major improvement nonetheless.

Nike Nokia Pilipinas  youth Jacket

Nike Nokia Pilipinas U-18 Team Jacket

Remember The Nokia Pilipinas team? The one who upset emerging asian giants iran in the crossover finals of the Fiba asia U-18 last year, and also the coaching issue after that. Nonetheless, this is one of the better looking B-ball Jackets nike has made. Better than their version of team pilipinas 2007 and 2009.

Blue with streaks of yellow followed by a combination of wool and air cool cloth. The nokia pilipinas logo is embroidered on the cloth.

Nike Team Pacquiao Jacket

Nike Team Pacquiao Jacket Red- This was one of the first jackets that team Pacquiao has used after Manny's contract with no fear expired and switched with nike. This was used in his rematch with Barrera and Marquez in late 2007 and early 2008. There were 2 versions of this jacket, the one with the sponsors (worn by the trainers) and one without (Worn by the Pac Man). This simple stylistic design was a hit back then.

Ever since there are a lot more pacquiao based jackets that nike has and has not been released. They recently did a launching of more limited edition (and better looking) pacquiao stuff (shoes, shirts and jackets) in Nike's Flagship store in Bonifacio high street in the second week of may 2009, I suggest you guys get that one instead.

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