Sunday, June 7, 2009

Woah Woah fight the Powah

  • Listening to: "Libera me from hell" by Iwasaki Taku
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Finally had the time to rest a bit and have a day off


After a year of absence (Due to being the host of the event), I'll be joining the toycon contests in the photography and custom category. Hopefully I will finish my entries in time.


On the last few months, I've been finally been having the breaks outside of indoor photography. It was enjoyable last summer. But due to scheduling problems and weather, I havent had a shoot in quite a while. which in turn, makes me itch for it.

Printer woes

My printer is starting to annoy me. Everytime I try to repair one part of a printer (cartirdge, head, ink,) another part gets broken. Now its the power's turn.


I'll be out of the country on June 17 and wont be back until the 29th. Please post all messages here as I wont bring a laptop and Even though I'll apply for roaming, I might change to a US Sim once I get there.

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