Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Your 2009 Seaba Champions: Powerade Team Pilipinas!

(This awesome photo is from Nuki Sabio/PBA Graphic Artist and Photographer)

Team Pilipinas recently showed its dominance against weaker South East Asian Rivals. By once again winning seaba. though the winning margins was not as high as the 2007 seaba and sea games, they still managed to win convincingly

Indonesia, the second placer has vastly improved their game, Even sticking out with TP in the first few minutes of the second quarter. A great feat for someone who did not send their real national team just their second best club team garuda bandung reinforced by other players from other teams.

The Games were played in inter barangay/ municipal court look alike. But even then we were treated for 4 days of extreme Pwnage.

Now that the warm up exercises has ended, it is now time for the actual challenge. Coach yeng now needs to match up his boys against El Khatib, Wright, Sun Yue, Orimo, Toroman's former poster boy Ehdadi and more.

Though this powerade rp team lacks practice and exhibition games compared to chot's team or the other countries, Yeng has the capacity to do wonders for any team and that wonder we need is at least a 3rd plact this august.

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