Thursday, May 8, 2008

RP Youth bags seaba crown!


The RP team has once again bulldozed its southeast asian competitors this time in the 18 and under division through the efforts of the Nokia Youth team. The massacre's details averaged around 42 ppg. The victory lessened the pain of the upset in the seaba champions cup. (Its a good thing that Dato Yeoh guy didnt do anything to destroy our lineup this time around).

Up next for the youth team is the asian championships. While not having any expectations, the nation is hoping for a respectable showing from these guys.

I just hope they get some decent showing this time around. 4 years ago, I remember having our physical education class being held on the same sports center as the RP youth team. Their coach looks upset the way they run plays and next I heard, the team got beaten badly by its asian counterparts. But then again, those were the bap days.

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