Friday, May 9, 2008



Defense (De.Fense)

1. the resistance against attack,

2. the practice or art of defending oneself or one's goal against attack

If there's one thing to really love about Basketball or sports in general, its the Defense. Defense can do wonders for a team, make them curl up against big odds but the best thing is, they can shut up arrogant, over rated and annoying players.

Such an example would be the C's Last night against the cavs, they've been pestering LeBron the past 2 games of the series. Though I wouldn't exactly describe LBJ as arrogant and annoying (basically he's a class act, unlike that arenas guy...). But then again he's one of the best and because of that, the C's have to play the best. King James has now been 8-42 since the series had started. All of this cannot be credited for one person alone. Team defense did it for these guys.

If there's someone the C's are shutting up this time around, its their haters.

Now the series shifts to the quicken loans arena for game 3. This time, it will be a big test for the C's as they try to break the jinx and win the road and shut more haters as well.


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