Friday, August 17, 2007


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Yesterday night as the rain starts to pour down, After a full day’s of work, I went into my room to rest and watch some television. And with no particular television show to watch unto, I began channel surfing, of which a local channel has something interesting to show, yes it’s the super bowl. However, it was the super bowl 39, which occurred 2 years ago. It featured the Patriots against the Eagles. Being a celtic fan, I’ve read a lot regarding the “other” sports teams of boston’s successes ( like the red sox and the patriots) so I decided to watch the game. As I watched the game, It reminded me an old desire of playing the sport.

About a decade ago, nfl games were shown in IBC/Vtv 13. I used to watch some of those games. After spending the summer vacation in southern california prior to that schoolyear, I was exposed to their major US sports, the nba, nfl, mlb and nhl. This exposure made me more interested to watch their telecast. And that interest led to a desire, back then I really wanted to play this game. As a grade schooler in an all boys elementary school, we’ve already tried a lot of sports on our physical education classes. Basketball, Volleyball, Ping pong, Baseball, Kickball, Badminton, Soccer and the native games. And yes, I was sucky to fairly decent at the most for these sports. But I thought I had the potential to be good in football for a change. So by the time our PE Teacher told us that we were supposed to play football, I though it was the finally real deal. But was disappointed when it turned out to be soccer (I didn’t know any better back then, I was in grade school). I asked our PE Teacher, why still play soccer, as we’ve already took that sport on our previous years (grade 3 and 4) and try “Football” instead. He said go play it yourself. With a facial expression that sees the sport as something that’s gruesome or violent.

Or maybe he’s scared that I’d injure everyone else on the class.

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