Thursday, August 16, 2007


I saw these jackets online for quite some time now. They look really good, Problem is, they got sold out fast online. Good thing I saw in the papers that it is going to be released locally. Cant wait for these. Its really a good thing to see these sporting companies release mechandise that are related to the country. First nike (though team pinas lost and the AF1s arent even released locally) and now adidas (accel doesnt count because they're already the official outfitters, but thanks to them nonetheless).

This is the men's jacket with the tri color, and has the 3 stars and a sun. The sun looks freaky but shows a lot of vintage inspirations.

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and this I think, is the women's version. Toned down.

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totomai said...

really cool jackets. masyadong bold lang yun sa men's.