Sunday, July 24, 2011

Run Fest Bib

4 days before the event, I re-injured my sprained ankle. Kinda annoying because the the injury already cost me 2 weeks of training. But then again while weighing the mileage to even aggravating the injury, I chose the lesser evil and rested the ankle. The night before the race, I came home at midnight due to the crazy traffic at Monumento and an additional hour of scanning the web to look at the results of the PBA-NBA matchup and the first minutes of Azkals-Kuwait.

It resulted in a one hour sleep. As the event started, with my singlet one size smaller than I requested, I took off. Luckilly all the compression, liminents and massage took an effect on the sprained ankle and it did not hurt anymore. The problem is, the other ankle, due to lack of inactivity started to cramp for the first 4 kilometers. As the distance went on the pain started to disappear. At the last stages of the race, Mckinley hill was torture, Hill after hill on an injured ankle and untrained body took its toll, But I was able to save enough strength to fire the afterburners on the last 2 kilometers.

The results weren't published due to a malfunction. I seriously don't care anymore for the result. I was happy to finish the race despite the lack of training due to injury.

After which, I headed straight to Smart Araneta Coliseum to watch the ultimate all star weekend, standing in line for 5 straight hours on a tired, sleepless body with injured ankles.

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