Sunday, July 4, 2010

This Week's long exposure experiment

Ironman X Warmachine

I've recently tried a new method to shooting figures. This is long shutter speed and light painting, I know this is old news for some. But this is the first time I did it since accidentally shooting that Yuffie figure which did wonders.

Project 1: Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke
It felt like a challenge shooting the worst happy meal toy ever and make it look decent.

This Sasuke Backflip figure has been made fun of and ridiculed throughout the web because of its "pooping" pose. Some Even considered it as the worst happy meal toy ever. Because of this, I tried to make something that is uninteresting and make it look "interesting".

I also tried shooting long exposure for this one. Shooting it in running water while light painting. I realized my tripod sucks in vertical support.

Project 2: Tohsaka Rin
tohsaka rin

Another experiment at long exposure, the second experiment focuses on long exposure. Unlike the normal method of light painting, this was done by using a lighted ball and spinning it to produce a moving fireball/energy blast effect.

Project 3:Ironman X Warmachine

Ironman X Warmachine
Customized Marvel Select Iron Man and War Machine.

Disregarding the PS Glow effects from the eyes and chests, this one was shot in a diorama which includes a lighted Ceiling which makes it hard to shoot via bounce flash or stable light. The result is painting by a led light.

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