Thursday, June 24, 2010

Diorama: Kamen Rider Black: Battle of the Century Kings

I was impressed with the SIC Hero Saga Diorama photobooks so I decided to make one for myself. I tried to make it old school so I made everyone's (on their 20's) favorite childhood hero, Masked Rider Black.

Kamen Rider Black X Battle Hopper

It took 2 months making this diorama, but after all the work, here it is:


Not as costly as my previous dioramas but this one had a higher degree of difficulty because of lack of materials and available acessories in the SIC (8-9 in) Scale which is roughly 1:8.

Setting: This diorama is inspired (but not intended to recreate) by the events of Episode 34 and 35 of Kamen Rider Black. Though not accurate. Where Gorgom's priests tries to kidnap Kyoko Akizuki (Leslie Akizuki in the local dub) to bring life to shadow moon.


On this diorama setting, Kyoko/ Leslie is kidnapped by Gorgom high priest darom and shadow moon to be turned into one of its mutants.

SIC Kyoko Akizuki
Kamen Rider Black tries to save the day by ramming to the glass ceiling (inspired by the scene from the opening).


Darom, Surprised by Kamen Rider Black's rescue attempt, rushed to the controls to drop Leslie/Kyoko to the chemical.

SIC  Shadowmoon and SIC Gorgom High Priest Darom

As Shadow moon prepares for the encounter.


Will Kamen Rider Black save the day? Or will she turn out yet again as another one of gorgom's experiments?


Leslie Akizuki is wearing ep 34-35 sacrificial clothes
The dio has lights and flashing lights at the ceiling
The dio got 3rd at the 2010 toycon, but I am still very proud of it.
There is one "easter egg" in the dio. Can you see it?
Gorgom High Priest Darom and Kyoko (Leslie) Akizuki are custom figures.

Other Pics:






Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoy it!

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