Sunday, June 27, 2010

Diorama: Ghost in the Shell SAC Runaway Evidence, Testation

Trashed Tachikoma

This is an old work of mine, a diorama inspired by one of the early episodes of ghost in the shell Stand alone complex, wherein a runaway mech tank malfunctioned and its up to the tachikomas to save the day.

Model Kits used are:
1:24 scale wave tachikoma, kusanagi, battou & uchickoma
Battou and Kusanagi were modified to perform action poses
wrecked tachikoma were spare parts from uchikoma kits
1:24 nissan Mid-4 by fujimi (got damaged for 50 pesos)
1:24 Jeep cherokee by amt
heavy-assault multiped tank Scratch Built

I added the uchikoma as well due to the scarcity of tachikoma kits

This won best diorama at the 07 toycon.

1 comment:

Haine said...

Man! That is amazing!
I love GITS.
Really cool details.