Sunday, November 29, 2009

Slam Dunk Collection


It has been more than a decade now after slam dunk has ended. 5 years after the last epilogue was shown. The series may have ended, dr t may have created more new basketball titles like vagabond and real than continuing the series. But the story remains is in a class of its own. If Boxing has Rocky, Hockey has the Mighty Ducks, Football has the Replacements and Karate has Daniel Larusso and Mr. Miyagi, then Basketball has Slam Dunk. The series has been so Iconic that most of the time the Japan National team plays abroad, the slam dunk's theme. (team pilipinas gets anak and noypi played overseas).

With that, Slamdunk merchandise and collectibles are hard to come by, most of them even bootleg stuff. Collecting memorabillia from this series is tough.

While it is hard to get an authentic slam dunk jersey made by banpresto/bandai. I got to grab a hold of customized jerseys thanks to Jerseyhaven, distributors of jerseys of the most popular amateur and commercial leagues in the Philippines.

sakuragi hanamichi

I got a shohoku Sakuragi Hanamichi in Iconic Red and Black Away. It really matches the Black/red AJ1 retro From the Jordan defining moments 63 points package, which also played a very important part in the story.


and Kitcho Fukuda jersey, white is a better color for ryonan since they only wore their blue jerseys once in the story (and another in the opening)

Its been 4 years since summit media, re-released the slam dunk manga made by chuang yi. Last year I was lucky enough to get the back issues at 35 php a pop. Too bad I could not find 3 of the 31 issues (the summit version)


The last is a customized mcfarlane sakuragi hanamichi, yes, I'm still new to this customizing an NBA mcfarlane figure so please bear with it, but I figured out that I want a large scale figure of the guy. The base figure is Juwan Howard.

Overall, this goes to show that even when a series has ended a long time now doesnt mean its the end in collecting.