Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My First Run : Bull Run

2 months after training started, it had gone well. I lost 7 lbs and had my stamina improved.On my first few weeks I can barely run 1k but in the end I was able to run 3k straight.

PhotobucketSo there it is, the date is Jan 9, 2011, My first run. Since BHS was very far from my place, I came in a bit late. Actually I saw the 16 k group already running into the streets as I am still in the vehicle (only to found out in forums that the race started way earlier than the written starting time). So there I was Running in the opposite side of the 16k runners towards the starting point. Luckily I made it, so I stretched and placed my dtag and number on the way of the starting point. At the starting area, the emcee announced that 5k runners are to start and the 3k runners should stand by. However, seconds upon the announcing of the 5k start, the 3k runners were also advised to start. Not even a countdown. Me, on my first ever race was surprised of this because I was still meters away from the starting area. This prompted me to run and hurry. Through the race I was just hoping to survive and finish my time record of 21 minutes and 35 seconds. Come the finish line, I was surprised to be 19 minutes and 37 seconds, and upon strider tag analysis the chip time was 18:34. My running friends told me to always stand by at the starting point. Lesson learned. Days later the results were announced. I was surprised to be at 55th place out of 675 runners in my category. For my first ever run, I thought I was even lucky to be at the 200th place. But 55th and besting 650 people? I was really proud of myself.

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