Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's up with adidas?

They seem to be so intent on releasing new jerseys the C's are not going to wear.


First is this one. They made this jersey design along with the LA Lose.... er... lakers.


Now this season, They're creating a new "champions" Jersey. Looks good, the patch looks good as well. But it is kinda confusing since all the trend nowadays are placing those mini commemorative logos on the patch at the left chest. The gold script looks good but too much like the st. pattys edition.

But this Moneymaking variants seem to have a negative impact. Yes, it may have its impact to help the fans, but then again their prices have gone up skyrocketing from the days that champion, reebok, nike, puma and starter were making em jerseys. What sucks more is the availability of these items. Only available thru online orders where greedy customs officials. Adidas Philippines on the other hand would rather care about the UAAP.

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