Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NBA Flight Tees by Flight club

Check out these kickass shirts by flight club


First up is the Mambass. Not interested. It looks like the GI joe's enemy emblem.


The second one is sir charles, The 90's suns jerseys are smokin. They are even much better looking than the ones Nash and shaq are wearing. A rhino is a real good interpretation of him because of being an undersized pf. That is, his past self. If it is his present self, it should be a pig. But nonetheless a really good design.


Up next is his airness, as a black cat. Most likely due to the sly quick cat moves. Nice design as well


The next one is the worm, depicted as a flamboyant tiger/ (hyena?) which has tatoos and dyed hair.

One is a cat and one is a hyena, shouldn't a cartoon bull be more appropriate?


And the last one is none other than KG! Depicted here as a wolf, most likely due to his timberwolf origins wearing the C's Alternate road uniform. I Want it!

Overall, great designs by Flight club, if only it would be readily avialable.

Score: 5/5

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