Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gridiron Gang

I'm always a sucker for underdog movies, Losers standing up to turn into winners and changing themselves to prove others wrong. Maybe that's the result of enduring a dozen years of negativity in that sucky place they call notre dame does to you. I recently saw this movie at HBO while channel surfing a week back and gave it a shot. Turns out it was a really good movie.

I am a fan of the rock since the WWE's Attitude era, but not much of his movies. Quite Frankly, most of his early movies are not that impressive. But ever since 2006, he's been pickin it up.

Gridiron Gang features, based on a true story of a football team from Kilpatrick, a probational facility in Malibu California. Dwayne plays the role of Sean Porter, a supervisor at the facility, together with his co supervisor Malcomn Moore, played by Xzibit. Helped the team of "rejects" overcome their fears and frustrations to stand up through football.

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