Friday, March 14, 2008

3 Conference Format, WTF?

PBA Tentative Commish Sonny Barrios wants the lame 3 conference format back.

Bernardino was lucky that the pba had the Big J and the Ginebra fans, including bandwagoners are in full force. But now, things are different. Shifting back to the old boring format would be suicide to the league. I've always wondered What the heck is the difference between the commisioner's cup and the governor's cup anyway? Aside from the shorter imports its like a redundant tournament all over again. Might as well stick to a longer lone reinforced tournament.

A lot of fans will not support this fact that 1. It is disadvantageous to the preparation of the national team and 2. It makes the tourneys and titles less prestigious.

Man, Barrios Sucks. Hope he gets replaced with a more innovative and liberal guy like Eala.

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